2nd Nature has been DJing for 16 years and has placed either 1st or 2nd in every competition he has entered. In 2006 he emerged as one of the premier DVJ-artists, playing more than 100 gigs around the world. He also remixes movie-trailers for New Line Cinema and has done over 100 mixes for MTV2’s Monster Mix. We recently caught up with the man, here goes…

DVJ Vision: How did you get started as a DJ?
2nd Nature: Well it all started with my father. He used to DJ in the 70s. I was living in Detroit at the time, and my dad would travel to Atlanta where he would hook up with other DJ’s and bring me back mix tapes. The mixes sounded so much better than the mixes I made on my tape decks by starting and stopping with the record button. So, my pops bought me a pair of 1200s and a mixer…

DVJ Vision: What style of music do you play?

2nd Nature: Hip-Hop, Rock, Top 40 shit, a little electronic.

DVJ Vision: How has the introduction of DVD-turntables changed DJing for you?

2nd Nature: When I got my film/video degree from S.C.A.D., I pretty much stopped playing in the clubs and focused more on studio production and building on my video skills. Then, when the DVJ’s came out in 2004, I was like hell yeah, this is for me. I immediately jumped on the video mixing and began doing demos for Pioneer. Every year since then, I have been playing out and touring every week.

DVJ Vision: Where do you get your video content? Do you create your own?

2nd Nature: Being that I play a lot of mainstream stuff, I get the majority of my videos through Promo Only and direct from the labels or production company. But, once I get those, I re-edit, re-mix, and re-do most of the videos I play.

DVJ Vision: What software do you use for that?

2nd Nature: Final Cut Pro Studio and a hand full of other apps to rip and convert

DVJ Vision: What does your typical DJ-booth look like?

2nd Nature: 2 Pioneer DVJs, a Pioneer 909, Pioneer VSW-1 Switcher, an Edirol V-4, a 3rd party DVD player for logo loops, and my MacBook Pro for Serato if need be.

DVJ Vision: Do you travel with all this gear or do you expect the club to provide it for you?

2nd Nature: The majority of clubs that book me as of late, had the gear, but I do travel with it if need be.

DVJ Vision: What do you call yourself? DVJ? Video-DJ? DVD-DJ?

2nd Nature: …to get the point across, I tell people Video-DJ.

DVJ Vision: Is DJing with DVD’s the future? Where do you think this is going?

2nd Nature: Djing with video is definitely the future. I think eventually the format will move from physical discs, to hard drives and laptops as the software and hardware are developed. And the way DJ’s manipulate the music and videos will change. But DJing will always be about the music first and foremost.

DVJ Vision: Tell me about the work you’ve done for MTV2.

2nd Nature: I did the audio only for MTV2s “Monster Mix”. I would do the audio mixes in ProTools, and Promo Only would do animation and video edits to my mix.

DVJ Vision: What’s next for DJ 2nd Nature?

2nd Nature: Well currently I’m working on Andre 3000’s cartoon Class of 3000, doing scratches and music, continue to tour the world and perform my video remixes and sets, and to keep pushing this video thing further!

For more info go to http://dj2ndnature.com

This interview was conducted in March 2007.

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