SummertimeA new Pixel Girls clip and this one embodies it’s title; a rambling on the theme of Summertime and starring a beauty that seems to be made of summertime itself. Ligia comes from the beach of Cartagena, and spends her life in a near constant summertime. The video was shot in various locations around Chicago, featuring the train tracks going over Ashland Ave. Film glitches, old movie film reels and footage of sand and waves add texture, and b-roll of train tracks is layered with the performance footage.
Directed by Christopher Andrew
Shot by Christopher Andrew, Matt Hoodhood, and Christina Peters.
Starring, Ligia Saez
This is our first clip available in Quicktime 1080p. Also available in software-optimized MP4 and QT 720p.
Includes and synced to ‘Summertime’  by Il Santo ft. Eighty (courtesy of Black Hole Recordings)
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