DVJ Vision was founded in 2005 to provide visual content to Video DJs. Pioneer had just released their DVJ-X1 DVD-turntable, but good visual content was hard to come by. So, we set out to:

  • Make quality visuals, the type you would see in the best clubs in the world, available to everyone
  • Provide content, where all copyrights have been cleared and that does not contain logo’s or credits
  • Make the visuals DJ-friendly: synced to a steady beat (no tempo-changes), a click-track for easy mixing and easy to cue
  • Provide the user with the ability to play the clips individually or non-stop (with the last clip looping back to the beginning)
  • Create content that flows and tells a story like a DJ-set: intro’s, outro’s, major changes happen every four bars or multiples thereof

Our first product was Club Visuals Vol.1, we are now up to Vol.4. And while we have stuck to the same successful formula, we have worked hard to constantly improve the clips.

In 2007 we started distributing the DVDs of UK based visuals label Mixmash, making some of the best visuals DVDs available in the NTSC format for the first time.

In 2009 DVJ Vision branched out into providing services for record labels such as creating visuals and remixing music video’s. Recent clients include Black Hole Recordings and Ultra Records (view a sample of our work for Black Hole).

In 2011 we created the countdown and the visuals for DJ Mags Top 100 DJ Award show in Amsterdam.

Additionally, we provide audio and video rental equipment in New York, Miami and Orange County, CA.

  • For more info contact us via email or at 877-385-8474.

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