“I have been a fan and DVJ Vision user since day one. You won’t catch one of my sets or productions without seeing a DVJ Vision visual. Has been a time and life saver for me. I highly recommend checking them out. “ – DJ 2nd Nature, Atlanta, GA
“Club Visuals & Pixel Girls DVD series are a must have for any professional VJ / VDJ. These are the most exciting and cutting edge visual DVDs on the market. The clips are nice and long for great time-stretching and transitions. I have used clips from Club Visuals in my sets across the globe including my winning set at the 2011 WMC VJ Challenge.” –  DJ Crime, Las Vegas, NV
Really enjoying the Pixel Girls disk. Used it a few times already!– cb shaw, Vancouver, Canada
“Editing video can be difficult without the right tools. Everyone gets so caught up with bigger, faster, and more powerful computers, but all that does is create bigger and faster junk without the right video content. DVJ Vision with its high res videos continue to help me create an energy in my videos that could not be achieved otherwise! Regardless of what club I may be spinning at, DVJ Vision’s visual are a HUGE part of my prime time set” – DVDJ Unique, CT
“Best Visual DVDs out there. I use them in every show I do. Must have for all Video-DJs and VJs” – DJ Kevin, Los Angeles, CA
“DVJ Vision visuals are the lifeblood of all my custom video productions. I feel they allow me to set myself apart from the average video DJ. The click track makes a/v syncing a breeze, which is essential in the studio. The content is insanely creative and very unique.  By far the most superior visuals available.”– DJ Mark Barbagallo, Miami, FL
Love it. The Club Visuals 2 and Club Visuals 1 are the most used disc’ we have – Jack Kelly, Eye Dialogue Lighting & Sound- Charlotte, NC
Club Visuals makes it easy for underground DJ’s to add cutting-edge visuals to their mix. No video-editing skills required. Definitely adds value to our line of DVD-turntables. We have seen a few visual content providers come out this year, however Club Visuals is the first we’ve seen with the DJ in mind and more specifically the DVJ artist in mind.” – Karl Detken– Director of Product Planning & Artist Relations Pioneer Pro DJ USA
“The best thing about them is the beat-synced events and the audio click-track. Very cool idea!” – DJ Pulse, Vancouver, Canada
What a great tool! Being able to sync the video to the audio I am playing is priceless and highly entertaining…It’s easy to mix the DVD with any source, especially on the DVJ’s. Any style from Hip Hop to Drum & Bass to Trance to Breakbeat can be synced up and the DVD just flows right along.” – DJ Brayks, Florida
“I tried your visuals this Saturday. Really good stuff, works well with the room…” – VJ DVDreams, Miami, Florida



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