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Disc one raises the game with a 60 minute sequence of broadcast quality motion graphics produced and designed by KodeK to play smoothly with any tempo driven music in any environment with truly stunning results. The mix is beatmatched and edited to it's own unique and uplifting soundtrack composed by Gflower. Reflecting a variety of dance music genres, the soundtrack is designed to complement the visual style as well as acting as a metronome for use during live performances, making it simple for VJs to synch the visuals to any audio. Disc Two is a special bonus disc featuring KodeK's VJ Toolkit A ' 101 broadcast definition loops and clips for VJs to use as elements in live performances.
- Disc 1: 60:00 min, playable on any DVD-player
- Disc 2: 75 VJ Loops (MPEG4 H.264)
- 4:3 aspect ratio
- High Resolution, No credits or logos, Fast-loading, NTSC

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Price: $29.99

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